Paul Hewitt


The company is run by the brothers Philipp and Frederic Gloth, who come from a northern German merchant family, and who have now returned to their roots in the northwest of Germany following their studies in Göttingen and intermediate stops in places as varied as Munich and Mexico. As long-term fans of the established “preppy big players” such as Ralph Lauren, Hilfiger or Gant, they were both constantly on the lookout for unusual accessories with which to give their outfits that special touch – sadly, often in vain! Thus emerged, in 2009, the brand PAUL HEWITT, named after a talented British master tailor in the circle of friends.

“Our mission with our label PAUL HEWITT is to break out from the masses of usually indistinguishable fashion labels and to enliven this niche successfully with our carefully selected accessories for ladies and gents. We combine various different styles when selecting our quality products: casual aplomb, individuality and timeless elegance paired with vibrant colours and a touch of maritime flair – these are only some of the qualities for which the brand stands today,” say the two brothers.

The term “preppy”, which was once an overall expression for the pupils of renowned American “preparatory schools”, has now become a style in itself worldwide and is seen to represent a special attitude to life, which inspires the entire PAUL HEWITT team each day.



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Bow Ties

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